I have written poems since I was a child. You come to realise that the potency of the simply written phrase is a thing of beauty and power. Attaining that is another thing altogether! I tend to have days or experiences that immediately lend themselves to be put to poetry, they flow. Other times a phrase or feeling will be put down and the spark will come later. When I am running I find that my mind can wander into that state of being elsewhere and the poem comes. Holding onto those thoughts until back at base with a pencil and sketchbook is the biggest challenge.

I use my poems to add text to many of my pieces. Some poems are written first and guide the image, other times it is the other way around. Most titles of pieces come directly from the poem involved with the work. If you visit my studio and gallery please ask if you are interested in reading more poems and I shall be glad to oblige you.

Please contact me regarding purchasing any poems or using any for publishing purposes.

Practice calmness
Run with your heart aflame
Breathe deeply
Venture close to the edge
Gaze afar
Focus close
Make plans
Rise early
Dismiss tiredness as an illusion
Live today as your next adventure