This aspect of my work originated back when I was doing my Degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I experimented setting objects in plaster with photography and drawing. The majority of my work and commissions since 1986 have been in this style whether landscape, figurative or abstract. I stretch canvas onto substantial plywood board and then use a thin layer of plaster as the base layer. Whilst this is still wet I can inlay objects, texture, marks and items that can be removed to leave an imprint. When the plaster dries I then build up washes of acrylic paint with details and text layered as needed. I always use gold leaf and sometimes silver leaf for final accents. the work is finished by sealing and waxing. The layers react to different light, natural and interior. Works are usually hung so they are side lit to accentuate the textures.

There are paintings for sale in the Gallery but these paintings are the ones that I do mostly on commission. They are usually framed in a ‘floating’ style frame.