Current Work  •  Begin the Quest

2016 has brought a new depth of imagery to my pictures. I have been developing ideas of delving beneath the Snowdonia mountains I run on and have investigated geological stratas and links within landscapes suggested to me from my observations and from geometry made during drawings. The pictures have been leading me forward as I work on them from my initial sketches. In February 2016, on a trip to Gairloch in the North West of Scotland, I chanced on a book in a Cafe/Bookstore by Deepak Chopra called Ageless Body Timeless Mind. This book has profoundly driven my work forward on new paths. The idea of being as one with the landscape is not new to me and I feel it when running alone in the high peaks. Ideas of consciousness and intelligence from the atomic level, through DNA and cellular, our human scribblings on the Earth to the vastness of the mechanics of the universe have pervaded my drawings. My work is developing with new symbolism relating to atomic structure, DNA double helix spirals, geometric constructions concerning proportion and stellar constellations all linked to the mountains of my beloved North Wales.

Current works are all made with acrylic and watercolour paint, pencil, gold leaf and on 300gsm Fabriano watercolour paper. Hover on each image for more details and prices.