TimWatsonArtist Jumping Adam and Eve, Tryfan

Lots going on over Christmas and New Year!! The gallery was very busy on the run up to Christmas with many paintings and cards being purchased for gifts. I also completed 4 commissions for pre-Christmas delivery for private clients…hooray! managed to get out and about when the weather was good. Climbed Tryfan between Christmas and New Year with Lynn and was made to jump Adam and Eve about 20 times to get this shot,…hmmm! back in the studio after New Year and have started several plaster on board mixed media pieces which can be seen as ‘work in progress’ on the mixed media page of the website. We have just returned from 2 weeks in Barbados, our 4th year going there in January. This time we took our road bikes over on the plane with us and cycled everywhere, …excellent fun and will do that again elsewhere as it is so much better than having a car! I don’t really get much inspiration for painting from Barbados but the place is deeply relaxing and does allow for real mindfulness time. Back home now with a tan and a huge appetite to get into the hills and enjoy some real weather and the landscape I love. I ran this morning spotting snowdrops everywhere and hearing woodpeckers drumming,…love it! Hopefully I have several paintings going to exhibition in Theatre Clwyd, will let you know if and when. Cheers, enjoy the outside during Spring!

timwatsonartist Broken Spectre on Tryfan