Well, Lynn and I are just back from a two week trip to Guatemala primarily to climb seven volcanoes! What a revelation Guatemala is…the volcanoes are all different, some erupting, roaring, hissing, issuing vast clouds of ash, some tree covered and slumbering, some cold and stony summited, some perched above a drowned huge old volcanic crater! From hand cultivated fields through tropical forest, cloud forest, pine forest and alpine tundra we trekked up and down these giants from 1000m to 4220m above sea level. Stunning views at sunrise and sunset and nights camping out with living giants restlessly throwing lava skyward to land rolling down their flanks. ┬áThe people, their culture and the whole that is Guatemala was infectious. Our guide loved his country and proudly told us some of its secrets, we bought into this and dived in to find this one of the best holidays we have ever had. Now all I have to do is get back into Wales mode and enjoy the coming winter. Truthfully it is always great to come home, as with our guide in Guatemala, I love where I live and love living it!

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