I love the mountains.
My paintings journey with intent
Above, below and within mountainous landscapes
Discovering with line, colour and text
Where that love resides.

Tim Watson  Artist Poet

I am drawn to the mountains, being among them uplifts my spirit, inspires and gives my life, paintings and poems their direction. My work generally starts from a pencil or ink sketch done outside or from a poem written after a journey into the land. These are done in sketchbooks or straight onto 20×16 sheets of watercolour paper. I spend time in my studio working further using my initial sketches and poems as a start point.


My paintings/collages are primarily landscapes with layers of other visual motes brought together. For colour I generally use acrylic and watercolour paints. I love graphite and use many different pencils. Gold leaf has always been a favourite material and features in most pictures. I love the shape and line of text within a picture. I work on heavy watercolour paper or on canvas layered with plaster.  My paintings on plaster often have small objects and found items set into them and texture becomes another layer of interest.

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